Providing around-the-clock housing and care for our residents requires a wide variety of different needs, some big, some small. Please consider helping us fill a need for one of our four group homes from the listing below. You may mail a check to Safe Harbor at 862 Forest Park Rd., Muskegon, MI 49441, and write the need you are addressing in the memo line (e.g. vacuum cleaner). Feel free to contact Rick Larman, Executive Director, at 616.340.5942 or, for more information, or contact the group home manager, below, for the need you are addressing.

Mary's House

  • Repair of maintenance issues in all residents' bathrooms and a fresh coat of paint, $600-$1,000
  • New carpeting for 4 residents' bedrooms; $1,000 (carpet and installation)
  • Furniture for the living room — sofa and recliner; $500+ each
  • Two new full-sized mattress for staff rooms, one for House Manager and one for on-call/overnight staff, $250-$500 each
  • Staining, resealing, and painting of two outdoor decks, $3,000-$5,000
  • Spring and fall cleaning days with the residents -- washing windows, cleaning walls, power washing, cleaning gutters, and landscaping (no financial donation, but rather a donation of your time!)
  • New door for backdoor entrance and repairs to eaves, $250-$400
  • Replace interior lighting, $400-$600


Joseph's House

  • Repair of moisture damage in resident's bathrooms and fresh coat of paint in residents' bedrooms, $600-$800 (supplies and labor); this is the home's most pressing need, as the moisture has progressively worsened .
  • Large flat screen TV for family room to replace TV that broke, $500-$600
  • New front door and repair of eaves above front door, $250
  • 6 new twin mattresses for the residents, $200-$300 each
  • Fresh coat of paint for kitchen, entryway, and living room, $400-$500


Hope House

  • Detailing van, $200
  • Exercise equipment, $100
  • Metal shelving unit for garage, $100


Faith House

  • Large, heavy-duty shelving units for basement, $80—$100/each from any hardware store


Here are some of the recent items from our needs List that have been met, thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

  • Insulated curtains for slider doors, Hope House
  • Used refrigerator (for garage), Hope House
  • 5-burner gas grill, Joseph's House
  • New carpeting in the staff/overnight space, Mary's House
  • Shark Navigator Professional Vacuum, Hope House
  • YMCA gym membership for the residents, Faith House
  • Insulated curtains for slider doors, Hope House
  • New refrigerator, Hope House
  • 5-burner gas grill, Joseph's House
  • New carpeting in the staff/overnight space, Mary's House

Thank you for your support