About Safe Harbor Christian Communities

One of the main goals of Safe Harbor Christian Communities is to provide a safe, caring environment for high-functioning developmentally disabled adults. In our residences, we create an environment that encourages them to be contributing citizens of their community.

Three elements can enhance the quality of life of those with developmental disabilities:

  • Being gainfully employed
  • Making meaningful contributions to society
  • Living as independently as possible

How it all began

Safe Harbor Christian Communities is a ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church administered under the auspices of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence. From its earliest years, the church has cared for those in need. The Covenant's tradition of excellence and compassion embraces adults with developmental disabilities.

The first Covenant residence for adults with developmental disabilities opened near Chicago in 1994. There are now six Covenant Enabling Residences in three states. One is an intermediate care residence; the others offer supportive independent living services.

Learn more about our homes in other states.

A Christian solution to a growing concern

In the 2007-2011 Michigan Developmental Disabilities State Plan, the state estimates that 1.8 percent of Michigan's 10,120,860 citizens have development disabilities. That's 182,175 individuals. See the federal and state of Michigan definition of a developmental disability as criteria for service eligibility from the state mental health system.

A limited number of residences for developmentally disabled adults exist. As longevity increases in our society, the needs of a growing population of developmentally disabled adults far exceed the resources available-and those available tend to be secular in nature.

Safe Harbor Christian Communities offers a Christian alternative lifestyle grounded on biblically based Christian values and standards.

Our Staff

Rick Larman
Executive Director

Dan Phillips
Administrator and Faith House Manager

Rhonda Vesterfelt
Hope House Manager

Lynn Stroven
Mary's House Manager

Jacki Stoltzfus
Joseph's House Manager

Brad Ter Haar
Communications and Media Coordinator

Laurie Mills
Events Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

Mike Poggi

Mark Post

Jim Coslow

Ron Dixon

Greg Carlson

Will Katerberg

Luanne Koessel

Adonica Kunnen

Ron Maciejewski

Ruth Moxon